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(Self Release) Singer/songwriter, Tracie Lynn, grew up singing and writing songs in Portland, Texas. "When I was a little girl, I would take the short-cut and get home from school before anyone else. I'd sling my books down, and grab the Ban roll-on; it had this round top and made a great microphone. I'd crank up the stereo, stand in front of the mirror and sing like I had an audience of 10,000 people,” says Tracie. Her dreams of a music career may have started as a little girl singing in front of the mirror, but since then, she’s gone on to establish herself as one of Texas' best female artists.

Tracie’s musical influences include Hank Williams, Patty Loveless and Emmylou Harris. After graduating from UT Austin, she spent several years writing in Nashville, including one year for Famous Music. She split her time between working in Nashville and playing dance halls in Texas. In 1997 her debut album, Is Anybody Listening, was released regionally in Texas and received statewide radio airplay with the spirited single "I Know You're Lying Because Your Lips are Moving." She followed that up in 1999 with her sophomore release, Girl Talk.

Leave A Trail is Tracie’s latest release. Her songs explore the quiet inner strength women possess, their ability and will to survive life’s adversities, whether it be the refusal to curl up and die in the wake of a broken heart, as in the shuffling “Coming Around The Bend;” a lesson learned from another woman who takes life’s hardships in stride with dignity and grace and instead chooses to celebrate life itself, in the soaring western flavored “Living Out Loud;” or the self-determination to find that inner strength to follow a dream, the refusal to give up on it and ultimately leave a mark, as on the title track, “Leave A Trail.”

Tracie’s head over heels in love on the bouncy two-stepper, “Best Kept Secret,” but instead of shouting the news, she prefers to keep the good thing she’s got quietly all to herself. In a song long overdue, “Lost In The Shuffle” provides the multitude of hard working women out there who also contribute to supporting the household, with a much-needed night out on the town to escape life’s daily grind. In this terrific steel driven honky tonk shuffle, refreshingly, it’s the wife who comes home after a long day’s work and tells her husband to go get himself gussied up for a night of fun on the town.

Her playful side really surfaces on a few sassy roadhouse honky tonkers. “Good Bye For Now,” cleverly addresses a woman fed up with her lover’s criticisms and decides leave him to let him see just how long he’s going to be happy with his idea of the “perfect” woman, while “Wish I Didn’t Want You Back” revolves around a woman who, despite knowing better, let’s desire win out against her better judgment. The delightful “Night I Can’t Remember” finds a woman 10 years later, still vividly recalling waking from an alcohol induced one-night stand, and unable to forget it, and she curses the alcohol haze that won’t let her remember what happened that night as she still wonders if she’d let true love walk away.
She visits heartache with a pair of strong ballads. “Happy Hour” addresses the pain and loneliness of a wife who sees her marriage crumbling because of her husband’s blind indifference, while the torchy, shuffling “Bad Case of the Blues,” finds a woman not falling apart after a breakup, but not quite ready to move on and still yearns for the man she loves. Tracie offers hope in the lovely ballad, “Love Know No Bounds,” a reminder that you have to be willing to take risks to find true love. In “Mamas,” she delivers a lovely, poignant ode to the strength and unconditional love that comes from mothers, and Tracie tackles the subject of adoption, and the love, joy and promise it holds in the equally poignant, “Love Awaits.”

Possessing a strong, expressive voice, Tracie Lynn’s style is pure Texas style honky tonk with western and bluegrass overtones woven throughout, and laced with contemporary sensibilities. On Leave A Trail, her smartly written songs are told through a woman’s perspective and revolve around women’s strengths, as well as their vulnerabilities. She has a unique gift for crafting her songs in a way that leaves women with a knowing nod or grin, yet still appeal to the male audience by avoiding typically silly in-your-face “girl power” anthems or saccharin sentimentality, and infusing a healthy dose of humor, irony and playfulness into many of her songs. Truthfully, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally hear a woman tackle head-on and in a realistic, intelligent manner, subject matter that’s been told a million times over times from a male perspective and with Leave A Trail, the multi-talented Tracie Lynn is certainly well on her way to leaving her mark.

  "Tracie Lynn is THE REAL DEAL"
-Reid Slaugher, Publisher, Cowboy's & Indians Magazine
    "In her voice and in her songs, Tracie accomplishes something few singer/songwriters ever do - she tells the truth, and isn't afraid to show her range of emotions."
-Ray Methvin, Palmer Place, Nashville, TN
"Great voice, excellent songwriting with a song style that is incredibly relatable. Tracie Lynn has something worth hearing."-Keith Montgomery, Program Director, KJ97FM-San Antonio, TX
"Tracie Lynn is one of Texas' best kept secrets but she won't be for long after the release of her latest CD, Girl Talk produced by the legendary Texas musician, Lloyd Maines!"
-David Besonen, KNON 89.3 FM, Dallas, TX

  NO BAND NEEDED        
  "Tracie's voice and talent is so pure, a band isn't really needed, but since they show up, we go ahead and record them too."
-Nick Carlton, Jalapeno Records
"With the clever lyrics and beautiful vocals, Ms. Tracie Lynn reinvents what we think of country music. Her smooth voice breaks the barrier of Americana and Country music stereotype. Being Co-produced by Lloyd Maines and Ray Methvin certainly elevates "Girl Talk" to the level of "You just Gotta listen to this Girl." Enjoy and pass the word this gal is back in Texas and gives you a sample of what true C&W used to sound like."
Rick Heysquierdo
Host & Producer - "The LoneStar Jukebox"
Pacifica Radio - KPFT 90.1 FM; Houston, Texas
      Tracie Lynn makes a long overdue stop in San Antonio at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the free KJ97/County Line Live Music Series. Lynn's caliber of singing and songwriting makes you wonder why a major label hasn't picked her up. Never mind — label honchos wouldn't know what to do with a woman who takes twanging country, makes it sound contemporary without ruining it, knows what she wants and how to do it, and delivers it so dang good. They'd probably make her stop doing two-steps, shuffles, honky-tonk and swing — songs with depth and humor — and try to turn her into just another pretty pop singer.

  Label: Bird Dog Records
A devoted and active fan base through regional touring, website, e-mail/mailing list and fan club focus
  Tracie's versatile singer/songwriter and honky-tonk sound is perfect for listening showcase venues and dancehalls. National/International radio promotion (starting Jan. 2000) to Americana will increase exposure and sales

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