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Tonight We Ride

Tracie Lynn / Wade Kirby

There was a man running around at one of my gigs in Austin shouting, “Tonight We Ride”.  I thought it was fun so I went home after the gig and started writing this song that night.  Wade helped me finish it in Nashville.

Hey baby saddle up
Throw some gas in that pick up truck
Throw caution to the wind
Let’s go where we’ve never been
Let the breeze blow through our hair
Destination anywhere
Let’s chase that moon tonight like Pancho and Lefty
Bonnie and Clyde

Tonight we ride
Let the stars above us be our guide
Let the winds of midnight take us to the other side
Tonight we ride

We might wind up in Mexico
The land where Margaritas flow
All night Mariachi bands
All the salsa we can stand
We have walked that tight rope baby
I think it’s time we go a little crazy
It feels like a night for fools
I want to live a little
Break the rules