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The One That Got Away

Tracie Lynn / Lindy Gravelle

Lindy and I had fun writing this song.  At one point, we almost gave up on this one because we couldn’t figure out how to end it.  But we rallied and laughed the whole time we put the finishing touches on it!

He said it’s been to long
I said not long enough
He said you’re looking good
I said I know
He told me he had missed me but I did not care
I rolled my eyes and tossed my hair
I said I missed you too
But I got over that
Once I turned the corner there was no turning back
I am a bonafied cliché
Honey you’re looking at the one that got away

The one who cried when you lied
The one who thought that she would die
The one who found the strength to break free from the pain
The one who got away

It was quite a scene had on my favorite jeans
Looked like a work of art
Felt like a movie star
It was a Kodak moment that I did not plan
Something that only women understand
Then I thanked him for the beer and said I have to go
He said you’re killing me
I said I know
Enjoy the view when I leave this place

Cause you’ll be looking at the one that got away