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Not My Style

Tracie Lynn / Ray Methvin

I have never been one to cause a scene.  I hope I would react this way if the situation ever arose.

Oh honey you’re the talk of the town
Word is you’re running around
Would you check and see have you are parked behind me
I can see that you are worried about
My reaction when I find out
Excuse me please I need to pack my things

It’s not my style
To rant and rave and cause a big commotion
Not my style
To scream about what I can’t change today
After awhile I’ll forget about this painful situation
Did I mention I’ll be a thousand miles away
Don’t bother asking me to stay
It’s not my style

We were the small town version of the perfect life
A perfect man and a perfect wife
Dinner’s on the stove
After that you’re on your own
You turn the story into make believe
It’ll feel real when I leave
I’ll go quietly but I’ll still be as gone as I can be