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Letting Go

Tracie Lynn

I visited my grandpa for the first time in the Manor after he had a stroke.  The way I looked at life changed that day.  I cried on the way back to Austin and wrote this song when I got home.

Grandpa doesn’t know me anymore
He had a stroke now he lives in a home
Where the old folks live out there lives
He could not recall my name
He looked at me and said
How about a game of dominos
Then he smiled
To him I’m just a stranger passing through
I learned a lesson about life that afternoon

The hardest part of living is letting go
Of the people you love
Dreams you’ve known
Nothing ever stays the same
Somehow I’ll find a way
To embrace the change
And release the fears I hold
The hardest part of living is letting go

Life is made of moments
Some are tarnished some are golden
I hold them all in my heart
Now everyday I count my blessings
I try not to take for granted the people in my life
Grandpa’s mind isn’t what it use to be
What I learned from him that day will remain priceless to me