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Just Another Day

Tracie Lynn & Scott Neubert

Scott showed me this song when I was in Nashville and I fell in love with the idea immediately.  We wrote the song in his living room.

I woke dreaming and felt you stirring in our bed
Touched the pillow where you use to lay your head
I keep waiting for this hurt to go away
But it carries me to another day

Over breakfast I read the paper much the same
From behind the pages by mistake I called your name
To an empty house where your memory stays
And follows me to another day

It’s just another morning sunrise
With a new shade of blue
Same old motions 
Same old heartache
I go through
It’s just another evening sunset
Fading from view
It’s just another day
Just another day without you

Work day’s over I’m in no hurry to go home
There’s no comfort in sleeping all alone
But as I turn out the lights in the darkness I pray
To help me get through another day