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Girl Talk

Tracie Lynn

I spent two hours on the phone with Lisa one fall afternoon.  After we hung up, I picked up my guitar and wrote this song.

Lisa Lyn she was my best friend
We vowed we be together till the end
I was ponytails and freckles she was ribbons and curls
It didn’t matter in our little world
We blazed a trail through our small town
Telling secrets till the sun went down
We’d laugh and we’d giggle
Mom would say turn out the lights
What are ya’ll talking about this late at night

Girl talk about the kids in school
Girl talk about who loves who
Girl talk about our hopes and dreams
About life and having it all
It’s just a little girl talk

High school came and high school went
We made some memories we will never forget
I was basketball and she was beauty queen
We spent our Fridays at the football game
We talked about boys we talked about clothes
We told some secrets that noboby knows
We’d laugh and we’d joke and the boys would say
What’s so funny
We’d just smile at them and say it’s nothing honey

Times have changed and we have grown
Now we do our talking on the telephone
We talk about jobs, life and men
We wonder when we’ll see each other again
But no matter the distance
No matter how long
We laugh and giggle we still carry on
In ways we’re different but we’re still the same
One thing I know that will never change