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Girl Out of Texas

Tracie Lynn / Lonnie Atkinson / Bill Whitbeck

I had been in Nashville for three weeks and I was homesick for Texas.  One lonely night I sat down and started writing this song ,when I got home, Lonnie and Bill helped me finish it.

She’s a small town girl with a big heart
Moved to Nashville to make her mark
It was hard leaving Texas but she had to go
She holds to a dream like a Mama holds a baby
Close to her heart careful in the way she needs
To give it room to grow
Sometimes she misses the boys in the cowboy hats
She dreams of home but she don’t look back
The Lone Star has a feeling all it’s own
She carries it with her wherever she goes

You can take a girl out of Texas
And she’ll do just fine
In her heart she holds the spirit
From the place she left behind
She knows the dream that burns inside her
Will take her around the world
You can take a girl out of Texas
But you can’t take Texas from the girl

She’s knocking on doors in her cowboy boots
Singing for the boys in the business suits
She talks the talk with a Texas drawl
Paying her dues is gonna take some time
She dreams of the day she’ll sign on the line
The day they’ll hang her record on the wall
So often her mind is in another place
With a big ol’ sky and lots of space
She stays true to her roots and holds on tight
Wherever she goes she’s gonna be alright