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Dare To Cross That Line

Tracie Lynn / Mark Irwin

This is about a woman who values herself and wants her man to also.

You’ve been calling me the queen of ice
All because the loves you’ve known are not like mine
Honey in my kingdom you’ll have to stand before my throne
If you want my love I’ve got some guidelines of my own

A little love a little trust
A little tenderness is all I ask
I want a man who understands that I need this love to last
Yes I’ve drawn a boundary to protect this heart of mine
Honey, I will be right there by your side
If you dare to cross that line

You take that first step, you will see
All the joy that love can bring and the woman I can be
I know the thought of loving me might scare you half to death
But honey take my hand and I’ll put your fears to rest

Take a little time to know what my love’s about
You’ll see
I’ll be
The girl you can’t live without