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Cajun Marie

Tracie Lynn/Bill Cater/Ruth Elsworth

This is a song about my grandparents.  It is a true story about true love.  The names have not been changed to give credit to the Lovebirds who inspired me!

Down in the bayou back in thirty three
There was a dark hair beauty named Cajun Marie
Every Saturday night the boys would come to the dance
To see if Marie would give them a chance
They all stood in line…
She paid no mind
They’d all want the wild heart of Cajun Marie

He was a tall drink of water from Kansas City
His name was Bill and he sure was pretty
He lived above the Cozy Café where Cajun Marie would spend her day
Bill was so shy
He caught her eye
And Bill won that wild heart of Cajun Marie

Like a Mississippi River that runs to the sea
The Louisiana love was meant to be
A wild heart goes where a wild heart will
And this wild heart belonged to Bill

He took her for a ride in his brand new car
She sang to the moon and they danced in the stars
He took her in his arms and she said  “I Do”
The Louisiana night saw a dream come true
They moved Texas way,
Babies came
They all had that wild heart of Cajun Marie

Years went by and time marched on…
The Louisiana love is still going strong
Bill is still shy
And Marie is still wild
I thank God that my Mama was their child
Grandbabies came

I’m proud to say that I have that wild heart of Cajun Marie