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A Man I Can’t Live Without

Tracie Lynn & Kim Patton Johnston

I don’t think that anyone should ever settle for less than they want or “who” they want!

Friends say I’m crazy
They think he’s great
They think I should take that ring
And let that man take care of me
Yeah he looks like a model
He’s got money to burn
But he works all the time and I really don’t mind
There is something not right about that
They say it’s a life I could learn to live with
But I don’t think they get it

I can live with things that I can’t change
Like bad hair days and bills
I’ve got baseball caps
I work overtime
It is not that big of deal
When it comes to love I’ve never settled
I will not start now
I don’t want a man I can live with
I want a man I just can’t live without

Oooh my prince is coming
He’ll be worth the wait
We’ll have the magic we’ll have the passion
Yeah we’ll have it all
My heart will tell me
That he’s the one
I’ll just feel it I won’t fight it
Something feels right about that
Life’s too short to live too long
With a love that is less than I want