"When I was a little girl I would take the short-cut and get home from school before anyone else. I'd sling my books down, and grab the ban roll-on, it had this round top and made a great microphone. I'd crank up the stereo, stand in front of the mirror and sing like I had an audience of 10,000 people" says Tracie Lynn.

Tracie's dreams of a music career may have started as a little girl singing in the mirror in her hometown of Portland, Texas, but since then she has gone on to establish herself as one of Texas' best female artists. In August 1999, Tracie, who now lives in Austin, Texas, released her second album titled Girl Talk, a follow-up to her first release Is Anybody Listening. This second album was produced by Texas music legend Lloyd Maines and Emmy nominated Ray Methvin.

Working without the support of a major record label Tracie has sold over 4,000 CD's, garnered great reviews from music critics all over Texas, achieved radio airplay on Americana, Gavin and some Billboard reporting stations who have found her style of music to be very appealing to their listeners. Rick Star, with KLBK "THE BUCK" writes, "This young lady is a rare gem that only shows up occasionally. Her fantastic country style is genuine and very refreshing. In my opinion a talent like her makes generating a playlist for any country format a breeze..." Bob Cole with KVET, 1999 CMA Award Winner states "Tracie has something special that sets her apart from everyone else...established or brand new. It's that differentiation that reaches out and grabs you, and it's her instantly pleasing voice that holds on and won't let you go. I Want to Come Back as a Man is one of the most asked for songs we've played in years here on the KVET morning show." Tracie's unique writing and performing style is influenced by Hank Williams, Patty Loveless and
Emmy Lou Harris. Her ability to not only sing a great song but write one as well makes her a true Texas talent and a performer that has earned the title "THE REAL DEAL."

Besides managing her music career, promoting her latest album and playing gigs all over Texas, Tracie has also obtained a clothing sponsorship from Double D Ranchwear and recently signed with Lone Star Beer who currently promote their product by sponsoring popular Texas music entertainers. The sponsorship includes recording a radio spot for Lone Star, promoting Lone Star at area gigs and making appearances at Lone Star functions. This hard-working Texan knows what it takes to make it in the music business. "I think it's important for artists to get out there in the trenches, practice their craft, and learn what the music business is all about. I love performing and I love meeting the great people I have had the good fortune of knowing. It's a lot of work - but I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything in the world."

On Girl Talk, Tracie delivers her poignant observations of life and love wrapped perfectly around this dynamic collection of songs ranging from honky-tonk rockers to tender ballads. "I wrote these songs about the things that make the world go round: family, friends, love and everyday life. These are my feelings put to music. When I play live it's wonderful to hear and see that people relate to them," smiles Tracie. Through her devoted fan base, Tracie has already sold over 4,000 copies of Girl Talk.
Tracie grew up singing and writing songs in Portland, TX. After graduating from UT Austin, Tracie spent several years writing in Nashville, including one year for Famous Music. She split her time between working in Nashville and playing dance halls in Texas. In 1997 her debut album, Is Anybody Listening, was released regionally in Texas and sold 1,500 copies and received statewide radio airplay with the spirited single I Know You're Lying Because Your Lips are Moving. Her captivating live performances showcase her radiant voice, sincere delivery and naturally cool and confident stage presence.